Garage Roofs

We can replace or repair your garage roof.

Your garage roof is essential. It keeps the weather out, provides security and makes your garage look like a safe structure. We have over 60 years’ experience and offer roof repairs, replacements and refurbishments for almost any type of garage roof.

There is no need to replace your entire garage if the roof is the only issue. Simply repair or replace it.

We can convert a flat roof to an apex for extra space and install coated steel roofing systems.

We are authorised suppliers and installers for Firestone Rubber Roof systems. Which are suitable for flat roof buildings, extensions or garages. If you use your garage as an office, workshop or warehouse for a small business this is the best option.

We offer plastic coated full length sheets in a choice of attractive colours (Grey, Green, Brown, Terracotta and Red) and Dripstop anti condensation available.

We are quite happy to discuss your garage roof project and design the best solution to your problem or garage use. Call us today for a free estimate.


You do not need to empty your garage. No need to remove fridges, freezers, tumble dryers, cupboards or drawers etc. All we ask is that it is as ‘clutter free’ as possible.

We use full length galvanised steel roof sheets, plastisol coated, in various colours, up to 30ft (10m).

This means your existing asbestos roofed garage has on average 15 small sheets. With a new roof you will have 3 full length sheets, with no overlapping joints across (on an average sized garage).


An asbestos roof is the easiest way for someone to break into your garage. A steel roof will give you a highly secure roof. It is very strong so you can do any maintenance, from on top of the roof.


The roof comes with options of DR!PSTOP - condensation control, this is suitable for most garages, if used for a car or storage.

Upgrade is recommended with any source of heat use, e.g. freezer, tumble dryer, workshop, office or gym. We recommend; Breathable vapour barrier and foil coated insulation board.

Steel Garage Roofing

We install coated steel roofing systems:

  • Plastic coated full length sheets.
  • Choice of attractive colours (Grey, Green, Brown, Terracotta and Red).
  • Dripstop anti condensation available.

Numerous other options such as insulation dependant on garage usage.s

10 year Guarantee.

Verge Boards

The verge boards on your garage are usually pieces of timber that run the full length of your garage, down the side of the roof. These require a lot of maintenance, we can alleviate this by galvanised steel, plastisol coated, virtually, maintenance free, right angled verge boards. Available in a variety of colours.