Asbestos Removal

Asbestos garage roofs can be dangerous!

Does your garage roof contain asbestos? Many garage roofs are made from materials which contain asbestos and need to be urgently removed and replaced.

We have years of experience in asbestos garage roof removal and our Specialist Asbestos garage roof removal teams will handle the whole procedure from start to finish.

Here’s what we do:

Preparation - Roof is damped down with a solution prior to removal

Decontamination - Site is damped down and Category H (Hazardous Waste) vacuum is used to decontaminate site.

Removal - Asbestos is removed and enclosed in plastic.

The end result will mean that your roof will not only look better and last longer but also that it will be free from hazardous materials.

  • We work closely with many local roofing contractors removing asbestos garage roofs.
  • Trade enquiries welcome for roofing contractors and building contractors.
  • Complete garage removal service by our Specialist Removal Services Team.